Dumb couples love

22 Mar 2011

Dumb couples love
He is a mute, although others can understand the words, but can not tell their feelings. She was his neighbor, a girl and grandmother had each other, she has been calling his brother.

He really like a brother with her to school, play with her, smile to hear her chattering speech. Gestures and can only talk to her, but she can read every one of his eyes. He watched her from the eyes, she knew how much he likes himself.

Later, she admitted to the university, he began desperately to make money, and then continuously sent to her, she never refused. Finally, she graduated, participated in the work, and then, she firmly told him: “Brother, I want to marry you!”

He was like a frightened rabbit escape, again refused to see her, no matter how bad she was seeking. She said: “Do you think I sympathize with you? Want to repay you? Not, from the teens I fell in love with you.” But she is not his answer.

One day, she suddenly admitted to the hospital. He was scared, ran to see her doctor said her throat in a lump, though excised, damaged vocal cords, may not deliver the speech again, in bed, she watched him tearful.

So they married, many years later, no one heard them spoken word, they hand, a pen, talk with their eyes, sharing joy and sadness. They became the envy of men and women fell in love. People say that it is a pair of dumb how happy couple ah!

Yin fail to do so love the coming of death, he left her to walk, people afraid of her lost love, unable to withstand the blow came to comfort her. She takes back the dull eyes looking at his portrait, suddenly began to speak: “Love is dead, but also the exposed lies.”

More than one surprise, all sigh, this is how a persistent, deep, like the fairy tale love it!

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