I like you, but it is past!

22 Mar 2011

I like you, but it is past!
Your number removed from the address book, no accident, we will not intersect it, anyway, you have not taken the initiative to call me a long time, not even take the initiative to send off a text message, and we, like this, right . In this way, do not love you.
People who are no longer in the noisy sound of your voice to capture the
No longer in the rolling stream of people chasing the shadow of your
No longer there and lot of thought because you own words, actions and even facial expressions of the
No longer, for you heart out
You never find the time shouting your name, my most tender, even on a slightly trembling voice; through your side, always put my feet light and slow; I can not directly as your eyes, for fear too many emotional disclosure; in the unconscious daze, scrap paper on the full page full page are your name, I can write your name has slipped more than my name; separate time in my brain is your head is full of shadow, leaving only memories of the moment with you about the bits and pieces; eat, sleep, shopping, a daze, when are you doing to it, will not , will not like you as I would like to think I do … …

Life as pure and indifferent, as to your life as the center, because the memories and full, as reality withered. Missing from the elongated,bag making machine|Cheap Soccer jerseys|Omega Watches|cheap baseball jerseys|mac mascara|Custom NFL Jerseys but blocking the meeting; time settling a crush on, allow you to leave me far, far away. Seeing the people around have a vigorous one by one, I think, is the drop you, remember, just for memories.
Do not say I’m lonely,lonely for a long time because I have not said that I fickle, because you never belong to me, not to say that I give up, you might even, not even a tiny response gave me.
No longer willing to keep your messages are not deleted
No longer look back over and over again record our chat
Expectations are no longer helplessly staring at your phone the phone
QQ is no longer on a night of waiting for you coming out
You no longer Sipilailian pulling hard on my space shout
Is no longer about you with others around the news
Not to share their sad friends of the
You struck a chord with me, but not worked I stopped when I thought you were, you have no trace, when you look back to find me, I have started to find their own sky, my dear, I keep the best best years better left you, I, in your well-deserved. My dear, my youth is limited, can not afford to wait for life.
Please do not doubt, once,Custom NFL Jersey|bag making machine |ultimate electronics|cheap authentic nfl jerseys I am willing to wait for you desperate, willing to accompany you anytime, anywhere, willing to see you silently behind you, for your happiness, sadness and grief for you, though, those emotions, and I nothing to do … ah …
Wait is not bitter, bitter, there is no hope of waiting … …

Sometimes love is not reason, love is love, even if hit a wall is love, but love nothing more humble the pride of love, of which only you know … taste …





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