Love you, this life without regret

25 Mar 2011

Love you, this life without regret
She and he met in the game.
Feel his extraordinary is endemic to snooker from his “gentle”. First, met, games, he didn’t “mock” she skills, accompanies her to play a lot of innings, this “treatment” on her before. She believes he is temperament middleman, ball product of her personality, reflected from the south of the country he left the young an inexplicable.
The next day go in light, uneventful… Are their busy and contact little. Until one day she says his signature in a good mood, please everybody q her. Could be near the New Year now, the annual Spring Festival after all will let her heart long-frozen brainstorm, she was some wounds, temperament indifference, numbness, cold-blooded! Like a bow-string. However, now, she is eager to be caring. See her signature, he invites her to play a few games, and chat and some why new mood will be good, how prepared such topics.
They neither cold nor hot, not nearly are not too far away.
Later, he wrote in the space for a let her words: “the thrill from the internal motivation, we are continually few misused turn fleeting youth! Now, whether do you remember once viewed as life of his (her)?” . He left her second impression - he had, she likes a literary man, because she also likes writing, in her eyes like words understand affection, the more understand cherish affection. Once past years countless lonely text silent night is a TongXi, together with her sorrow and tears. Insomnia, common rooms She believes he like her, value each sentiment, even if it’s just the game met their feelings.
Has the common experience, temperament close together the two men always have vision of Syracuse, don’t finish past endless future. Word They chatted for a long time, a lot of a lot of… He affectionately called her elder sister, she also revel accompany around him.
She is considerate, sensible, and caring people, her care and greeting is always casual deep inside the most warm to his place, to move the soft, happiness, drunk with… He used her care, accustomed to her nagging, accustomed to have her company in every work through the night alone… They bit into each other’s life, talk about the life value, to speak of family and friends, work life, taste the past and the future… Imperceptible they had a kind of magical tacit understanding, the tacit understanding maybe is the legendary meant to be.
Meet acquaintances, a chance if the video of opportunity, they meet, suddenly she panics god! He jun lang looks deeply attracted her, and forceful bridge of the nose, the eyes, charming melancholy dimples… Even figure is her beloved proper type. Do? What to do?? Suddenly she found herself with a kind of magical read want — she fell in love with him!! She fell in love with this temperament character looks and her heart deeply imprinted in the depths to her drunk unceasingly man!
Impossible! Absolutely impossible!! Long-frozen heart will be not a few years the small she met the man melt?? She hesitated, contradiction, struggle, wandering, BaiSiBuXie… She had not believe that network, no longer believe love, don’t again for anyone to pay. Yes, she should be so. Then, she decided, no longer remind yourself up quietly the fact that exists, the more wouldn’t let him notice, so silently out of his world!
Unexpected happened.
Ready to give up days, she thought ups and downs, losing. Missing is like crazy like weeds, more long more long, even ma. Pain! It hurts! Her heart, broken. Do not abandon him, she arrived!
Since the deep love, why don’t you let him understand? The emotion itself very pure, incomparably beautiful, so give up and not to the noble sentiment profanity? Life can have several deep-rooted love? She decided to really live for themselves, no matter how once, she would end to him to open up.
“A summary, do you believe that the net love?”
“Dry yao suddenly asked about this? Idiot son.”
“You say, really believe or not, don’t believe, right?”
“… didn’t believe that, now, don’t feel the same… are you?”
“That…… you think… I… oh, I mean, we can calculate… we so????????”
“Nothing? Really pigs, said along while have no say understand.)”
Listen to her shy tone, he was ecstatic, his speed and induction to her hot feelings, speak hesitatingly shy well cute! He deliberately pretend what all don’t understand, the way want her to continue talking.
“A summary, I like you!”
Say this words, she cried, laughed too! Because it includes pure true, clinking world because it with two heart longing dream weave dream, because it’s still a “forever” infiltrating the length. Her heart, he would be apprehensive what reaction? ‘ll just laugh at her? Later will talk to her? Time at that moment buckled… “How did you just say? To harm me cranky so long, I prefer you, just can’t express, afraid offend you.”
“Jane, I love you!”
For her to vindicate he didn’t feel any accident, because his heart also burning strong love flame. They finally across the hazy veil sincere hugs. He said he care about each sincere feelings, especially from her. He accustomed to and she walked caravans of years of suantiankula, if one day without her companions, he will random discretion, panic, and god will be at a loss, broken heart. He knows this feeling is dependent on, is the trust, is love!
They fell in love.
Overcome the worldly prejudice, spanning the age of obstacles. They fell in love, he kind says she “pigs”, her happiness in response to his “boar,” because “the boar” and “pigs” never separation, to love each other, keep! They love to each other every day when the promise, busy, encourage each other after work when overworked dismissed at leisure time, boring ridicule each other a flashed past. Love fine if the hair, micro if you like the sky, broad and deep as the sea… Love is love, glove, thorough marrow unrecoginized.
They lingering, sweet, move… Every minute

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