His former girlfriend cut plunder my wrist suicide man

1 Apr 2011

His former girlfriend cut plunder my wrist suicide man
Years ago, one I ever had a crush on years of people suddenly chasing me, was just think he was pulling my leg. Later, he told me that time will tell. He told me all his affection experience, let me think he’s sincere. Slowly the start contacts.

His good friend tells me, if want with his contacts, will thoroughly, because he’s a heavy feelings. Don’t hurt him. Everybody also understand me, is a man living. So everybody supported us two.

Ever had many conditions good man chased me, because consider too much, missed a lot. And this time how thoughtless, perhaps also because he is my own unrequited love for a few years, so we ignore a serious problem: his former a relationship based too deep. They took six years before, because the woman communication parents’ objection so separated.

Later I and he began to communication. I’ve never been so seriously, he is a relationship: my second boyfriend, the first just over a week, because were divided doesn’t feel right. But with him, I very seriously, think the object is to get married. As a result, his former girlfriend know us in communication, incredibly cut wrist suicide, I always thought this was television plot, didn’t know that I would meet.

Later he chose her. I’m really sick. Break up that day, he call I said, he really love me, but he can’t bear to hurt her. Because she was home of people rushing out. He kept saying to me, “I’m sorry, I love you.” When I think about these things, he was enormously. Results no days, they run a marriage certificate.

I think I can walk out, but I can’t. I repeat to see your “20 years old decided good bits, 30 years old, see which have status of those words, I always think of our condition can be reserved seats, sometimes even think he did lie to me. May I have been himself in the cheat myself, I only here he used to transition sad place.

But I’m sad, he said to me, and I love the show his own happiness space. I want to do?

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