My youth I city

12 Apr 2011

My youth I city
The most beautiful youth, the most beautiful cities, let me love with you, is I lifetime won’t forget a memory.

Don’t forget not still deep love

Don’t forget not not brave

Don’t forget just because it is the love let I learned to strong, let me understand a lot of…

But because it is the most confused in my youth gave me warm, gave me the sun, gave me hope, gave me try to be brave, just gave me the dream.Custom NFL Jersey|Casio Watches|Cheap Soccer jerseys But because it is in my most beautiful years, let I had the most beautiful dream.

Remember we met in four years ago, it was also this spring warms bloom in April. An accidental meeting, once again, accidental love…

Yes, we love not is you and I accidentally, but also a lot of friends feel accident… But even if we really love each other accidents, and I’ve always sink in your accident Jin sweet. With love, intention, with tolerance to maintain, this belongs to our surprise.

Because I believe that this is an eternal accident, I believe I’ll be seeing you. Guard this accident for a lifetime.

We had a fight, and I’ll worry, always want to own insists is wrong? Always ask, your love I am somewhat? You always answer is my double, I am sincerely, you love me twice that of is what? I don’t know, but this sentence can always gives me confidence that I believe and insisted I use all hold on to this love.

Our body every two cities, we always by SMS to lay it acacia, always call in a holiday time see each other. In that city listen we love to hear songs, sometimes, I always looked at you don’t talk. You always looked at me with confused… I always laugh… I always like a child, you say me not mature… But you don’t know, when I look at you, I think too much. Our present and future…

I have to admit, I want to run all to maintain this love. There are fears, have happiness, fear if which day you left me, I how? Happiness we are together in love is so happy.

Till the last. Happiness useless eternal, fear or for to, we broke up.

You leave days, this has been strong, brave, not heartache boy. But be lonely, fear, tears around… It was a day of how unforgettable. How do I come over me all don’t know, I always believe anyone can’t hurt me, not my heart is made of iron, but I won’t give him hurt my rights. I hurt my right to you, you hurt me… I always believe that I be sunshine again even greater pain, I will go out.bag making machine|cheap authentic nfl jerseys|mac mascara|cheap baseball jerseys Yes, I walked out. More see strong, strong not I don’t give anyone hurt my chance and rights, but all rights and opportunities to someone, even if be hurt, can also go out from pain. Also can smile face being hurt the later days, only such strong, is really strong, can at any time to live happy…

Leave the full of happiness and sadness of city, I think, I’m never going back to go into the city. Concerned about our story, I don’t want to mention…

Perhaps I was always a shadow, and he has been in your heart… I tried habits day without you. All the wind dies. I finally decided to say goodbye to this sad city…

Pass this lonely city again, the instant the warmth of sunshine, is love had some feeling, also is the place where love had come. As with the fragrance of yesterday in yesterday, the familiar from the bottom of the warm, from inside to outside everywhere. But this love, once to let me like lost people, favorite you into a dies from dust flooded the dream of the sun across the sky, I figure stretched square, a sudden gust of mist, don’t know who will be in and I together.

Now, I became this city of waving in the boundless huge bottles with wave as well as the realization of the dream in don’t know when. I was in the city bottles, calendar, even if rivers drama rain vicissitudes of life, even if has run dry in the way once loved wasted time, will make full of sorrow, whatever I is what kind of bottles, I just want to strong, brave, mature find belongs to my youth I city…

* sit at the same table distance
* or yourself
* fingers go youth
* what is happiness?




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