What is the real love?

20 Apr 2011

What is the real love?
What is the real love? The love I began to happiness gradually aware, looking at nearby, happy smile, also have a lonely emotions…

Actually, I did want to ask what is the love on earth? In our life is diffuse feiends seasonings? Is let us always sadness or have been glad? We always say real, real love really can’t afford to so-called reality? Men are all the same? Or that we didn’t have a pair of discover beauty is eye? Every man is the first look girls will figure? I don’t like to listen to so, don’t a person figure is depends on the value of her? A man’s eyes, a person’s eye is how worth his trust and can let a person feel sincerity and false communication. Have seen such a passage: “a woman before the man first let he thought of sex then this woman very failure”. Men are so to can not stand lure? Have the desire will greed? Rich will be ill? Will bring love as a victim, put themselves once all good will abandoned, only interest only money into a no heart? Hand your hand and son xielao love, in what we call a real life can only be a unable to realize the dream? In the face of this complex world isn’t anything can’t think too simple, can’t really trust, the more cannot too kind? So-called reality isn’t is this? I don’t know and don’t unable to detect. This, maybe we just imagination extremely bad a state of love, only faces not loyal part of the people, they’ll get a pure and and worth his treasure life feelings, they will live forever in the reality. I know a lot of things to depend on one state of mind, not because he had met someone or something to generalize.

I’ve been convinced the heart, insisted his every decision, the most ideal love is two people love each other, is buchibuqi, is both a lifetime, eager to help each other, is a lifetime of holding. A friend once said “want to make their own youth not to regret it want to find a girlfriend, mutual care care, try’s feeling of love”, I said to him, “this will not yes love, feel is important, but the love with rhythm will often achieve goes out the most beautiful music, wait you to meet a deserves your relentlessness, you will find what is the real love,” said he, I love too sacred, such as the probability of (with kind, even so I also would like to believe oneself to love loyalty, because the lotto have winning. Although often be nearby of friend so argue, said to me: “are you haven’t grown right, also not reasonable, the world is realistic, you think so good love? I want to say it’s not just imagine, but I need to realize love, I parable BMW and bike will not only has the most people prefer crying in BMW than ride bicycle a laugh, this is the so-called reality forced? Because we are living, this is reality”? And in my opinion reality and life is cannot treat as the same, because of life are the subject of our own creation, reality just supporting role.

I know they are so-called touched invisible reality is this complex life phenomenon confusion she really wants to say, the in the mind also hides that copy of pure, eager to a job in your ideal of love, yourself thought life, why do we always have no way to master and the unknown with reality when to replace? The reality! Actually we did not know how to get a verdict, why then care about words, to live their own so tired? I’m not naive, nor naive, more is still small not wiser, I ratio who all seriously, to love I’m serious, because is lifetime.

Dare to ask this world is oneself can deceive yourself or reality will deceive ourselves? Why are there so many people prefer to believe that the so-called reality also don’t stick to your own heart, stick to and guarded? All their yearning, because we want to dominate his own destiny, not by how fate dominated.

Love, is a kind of meet cannot expect to or not ready to meet pair of the wrong time, love, no so-called reality. Love, don’t need doubt, because the most important, even if the trust it’ll become a kind of hurt also want to believe in yourself, and dare to try. Every man’s heart is not meat, as long as I believe many cold-blooded, anything can be diligently, and premise is the detention if you put your mind. We cannot be so-called empty reality eyes veiled find beauty, disguise themselves yearning and take we want to have the most pure love.

The wind can fall in love with cloud to the Yang flower can open why can’t you love him, trains can pass every station scenery why his heart cannot stay for you. Love, love is love without if, not love not love, the age gap, income disparity, racial difference, etc are excuses, but have not love they get into the pulp. If the price is too big, love what cost more than life happiness, it all depends on human effort, and nothing is impossible, miracle is creating rather than god coming.

Life is not long, we have always nagging troubles, complained of life the reality of life, can ever worry stems from where? So-called reality is how to resolved? Is our own! , forever is the subject of contradiction, often in hesitation and longings confusion, caught in a secular, very far a one-way street, also cannot go back, is also an elusive creatures, the most understand yourself forever only oneself; Are said to live tired, because too much, the body tired not terrible, terrible is heart tired; Are we not satisfied, is having too many vanity, common saying says he who is content is always happy, we are not because of possessing little things, but want to too many things; The troubles, because feel good memory, this record of, dont remember will stay in memory. Give up and insist, is everybody facing life an attitude problem. We need to use the right attitude serious face life, life of the natural will seriously treat us.

Love’s world is big, big enough to hold hundreds of injustice;

Love world small to three people crowded the to suffocate.

Love has no reality, only cherish!

Believe there is my bole, whatever I

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