Give three wa first a love letter

6 May 2011

Give three wa first a love letter
I often filled with a thousand regrets, people in the world so much, so much, why I know you are? Since I knew you, my life’s journey and opened a new chapter; I know so much, so much, why do I care about you are missing are you? Know? As long as I’m missing you care about you, my heart was as falling sea of honey.

Know? This month, you gave me the beautiful and moving lover-like speeches like a stream of warm spring breeze, bulky up my love sea waves; You gave me the exciting commitment is like a gentle cloud, tied won the line of sight of living I affectionate; You gave me the happy feeling like the across the blue sky calls pigeons, bring me the heart of static far and pursuit.

At this moment, I just want to say that I want to do your princess, you know? I like you, I just like ultra-left occasionally you least expect them to the outpouring of bad, is like and cling to your care and the reality, and that childish bosom; I want to do your princess, to have that ordinary happiness, because as you luxuriant pearl also the focus of my eye and deeply care; I want to do your princess to end years of chasing it. Know? When you hold me, earth also suspended live footstep, at this moment, I really know, you is I really exist, you are my happiness. I want to do your princess, you are my happiness.

As I write this I naturally and thinking of you, and thinking of you, my heart was filled with tender feelings that see everything RuHuaShiJin. The world because had you and gorgeous, my heart because had you while intoxicated extremely. Do you know? At this moment, how I want to become a river flows from your side, gently, as you raise your gleefully towards; I really wish into a wisp of cool breeze, slipped into your side, as you sing a kind of the sonata.

Do you know? We when together, my heart will slowly settling down, because right now my heart always happiness full. Here, I also promise to you: I will accompany you, the lifelong accompany you, never regret.

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