About love, truth are often the most cruel

8 Jun 2011

About love, truth are often the most cruel
Your favorite, often have no choice you; Love your, more often than not, your favorite; But most long-time, is not you love is not love you, only appears in the most suitable time that person.
About love, truth are often the most cruel actually, I’m tired, I’m used to pretend strong, accustomed to a personal face all, I don’t know what I want to do. Sometimes I can very happy talk to everyone, can very licentious, but no one knows, it is, very deliberately disguised disguise; I can let oneself be very happy very happy, but can’t find the source of happiness, just giggle.
Can slowly training isn’t love, but a habit. Can get over time, not feeling but moved. So love is a moment of gifts, have and then have, have no have no. But that, paradoxically, love and marriage and not one thing, practical and not all love to marry, and not all marriages have love.
Met beloved person, can be said to be lucky, no matter how to say is ending, the happiness. Endure, are good indeed, if break up, or for the love sad, are also very happy, because, after all, loved…
Life, is used for business, not used to dispute; Sentiment, is used to sustain, not used to test; Lover, is used to love, not to hurt; Money, is used to enjoy, rather than measure; Lies, is used to break, not used to whitewashed; Trust, is used for precipitation, not used to challenge.
Not content to just friends! Many feelings, because of wishful thinking, and finally even friends when it no longer. Some had very good friendship, end but because someone sentence like you, if you have no reaction, which is a friendship also seems to be difficult to continue. After vindicated, or sweatheart friend not become even friends when it no longer. However you may never not content to just friends.
When you are joyous beaches have four rows footprints; When you sad when there are two lines footprints on the beach. Because when you happy I accompany you, when you are sad I carry you, so you want the happiness, otherwise I would be very tired.
Some things would not happen, but have to accept; Some people do not lose, but you just have to let go. Sometimes, we wait for not what people, what matter, we is time, such as the time, let oneself change.
Sometimes not understand, just don’t want to understand; Sometimes not know, just don’t want to say; Sometimes not understand, but see also don’t know what to do, so they keep silent.
Two people together for a long time, like left and right hand, even if no longer in love also can choose close together, because give up so many years time takes a lot of courage. Maybe life will appear to the people you love, but that it is passing through, you will still hold your left hand or right hand always went down. Happiness sometimes really has nothing to do with love.
Don’t think there are better, because now have is the best; Don’t think still young can marry a bit later, love is differ age; Don’t because it’s too far, and it can give the train together with you; Don’t because someone not rich and give up, as long as not incompetent people, encourage each other can make you rich; Don’t give up, because outsiders opposed her inner happiness depends on the feeling.
That moment, you’ve finally found, it had deep love, early in the day, farewell has vanished in the world. Our love and thoughts are only belong to oneself had memorial. I think something will be forgotten, something could be remembered, something could be willingly, some things have been powerless, love you is my fate.
The fact is, no matter how many people you love, no matter how much you love happiness or misery, and in the end you not learned how to love but learned how to love yourself.
A man cannot grow into in happiness. Happy make person superficial, we grow in pain, metamorphosis will be more understand life.
Girls don’t care you have money, she would you care about is strenuously to change the status quo; The girls don’t care about it with you run into difficulties, her life care is you will grasp the nettle; Girls don’t care how much you romantic, she can care about is the intravenous drip from life feel your love. Girls won’t care about your circumstances, she now how care is can you let her see your future…
I think, if you have a little bit like me, just a little, I will have the courage to fight for, but I don’t know how to distinguish, fear, perhaps, I thought that is just his romantic, such himself will appear so small and ambition. When someone into the feelings, then in front of him, you like a mental derangement, will fear, uneasiness, swayed lost…
No thing, only can not in the mood. This is it, a lot of things we are because we can not put, such as heart deceived revenge not put, be ironic resentment not put, be criticized the face can not let go. Most people care about thing itself and addicted to the unpleasant things that make the mood. In fact as long as the mood changed, and the world is completely different.
The man told the woman is not necessarily the damage, he fell in love with someone else, but when something to look forward to in her in her, let her disappointment frailer don’t give her due comfort.
Consider ourselves as their most important, the past. Life’s greatest enemy, not others, but oneself, defeated own, then GongWuBuKe and invincible. Put yourself when myself, just ask yourself don’t and my bread and butter, don’t be a little position, a meager pay and even others some gossip, a dismissive eyes, want to be calm and redundant woodworkers wei’s attitude to face QingQiu honor or disgrace gain and loss and hatred.
Three pieces for human happiness things: somebody loves, something to do, something to look forward to. Somebody loves, is not only to be loved, and there are active love others love the world ability; Doing anything, let each day enrichment, things haven’t size, only you love to do; Something to look forward to, life has hope, and people are not afraid, afraid lose hope humbled, expect tomorrow, looking forward to sunshine, people will embrace stood up from humble blue sky.
Face, not necessarily the most sad. Loneliness, not necessarily unhappy. Get, can not long. Lost, not necessarily no longer owned. Don’t because of loneliness and so, don’t it so lonely life.
Don’t judge others because he looks without you eat, don’t judge others because you may not have the virtue, not his noble family because the judge others has nothing to do with you. In a word, don’t even your evaluation anyone of the family.
Cannot go back home, the place that is out of place called distance, many people just like that, has been on the road.
There are many things in life, needs to endure; Life has a lot of wants, needs to endure; Life has a lot of affection, needs to endure; Life has many bitter, needs to endure; Life has a lot of pain, needs to endure; Life has a lot of words, needs to endure. Life has a lot of gas, and the need to endure. Endure, is sometimes environment and opportunities for human social requirement, sometimes is for humanity’s heart and a self-discipline.
Time, let the deep things deeper and deeper, let light things more and more shallow. Look a bit lighter and hurt the less you have, the time has passed, love light, also melted away. Don’t wait shouldn’t the one, don’t hurt such injury heart. Shouldn’t We really want for a long time, only then can understand, oneself really miss, exactly is how of person, what kind of things.
Don’t wait for a smile, just the noodles Lou charity; Don’t wait to be loved, to love. Don’t wait to be lonely, to recognize the value of a friend; Don’t wait for the best job, to begin to work; Don’t wait to have a lot, to share a bit; Don’t wait for anybody else pain, to ask for forgiveness; Don’t wait to separate, just think of recover. Don’t wait, because you don’t know waiting for how long it will take.
Don’t waste money for tomorrow you might unemployment, don’t arrogant because tomorrow you might have lost power and influence, don’t flatter love because tomorrow you might be brokenhearted, don’t companiship for tomorrow you could die.
This is in the world the most cruel words, not sorry, nor I hate you, instead, we could not go home. Is such simple enough but one, and two of the original close people for isolation in Nairobi. No experienced person, never understand, that is how a visceral.
Love you, you love him; Of the person you love, he does not love you; Two feelings mutually yue, so what can you together? B: I think I can, in a world where there will be true.
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