Emotions can’t affairs-arbitrary prodigality

8 Jun 2011

Emotions can’t affairs-arbitrary prodigality
Last weekend, she and her husband, go on an outing to a minor matter considers the two exchanged words, the results BaiXingErGui. Back home, she and her husband hair to affair. After a while, she was locked himself into the bedroom, continuous nearly 10 hours, neither ate nor drank.

Emotions can’t affairs-arbitrary squander every time is such, as long as her husband and make at odds, she will use “hunger strike” way to punish her husband mind-games, the longest records of 23 hours. Looking at her husband that vice anxious, repent, the way she is from the bottom of my heart, be glad.

This is no exception, not a few hours, the husband first sink not to live to enrage, first came in the door, and then gently paced back, finally knocked knocketh heavily.

She finally can’t bear to insist again, and opened the door. Her husband walked into our house, a word not hair, a full face of helpless, with the hand clapped to clap her midst, pull her to eat.

For a long time, the husband still silent bah. This is how? According to the past practice, when her husband sat down beside her and should be kept telling jokes, amuse her is ah!

“What are you thinking?” Finally, she stopped hand chopsticks, first break depressing deadlock. “If,” the husband looked straight at her, “after a few years, only you in this room alone, you and make a hunger strike, who come again advised you eat?” “I myself! What do you do?” She without thinking blurt out. “Go first, or abandon you.” Her husband a face of calm, but how much the intonation of peace, “a bit sad that all may happen!”

How is that possible? !She never thought will lose her husband’s days. At ordinary times, she always extremely use up soured even points out their wanton bossy and the troubles and dissatisfaction, that is clearly put her husband as a can literally punitive family members or a brilliantly expression of emotion warehouse.

However, the husband not only a long she shortage three-year-old “big boys”? Had seen her husband in his parents’ in front of real expression: sloth and arrogant weak. Perhaps this husband is not time home to caress a of parental love? And in front of her rarely see lazy and arrogant weak, instead, always gave her a sincere love to the love.

At this point, looking at her husband that slightly tired eyes, she can’t help guilt remorse up: why I repeated injuries of always husband beloved? Why am I so don’t care husband inner feelings? All because they think only her husband to be acceptance and includes all of her fault, can forgive all of her shortcomings and capricious, and without any complaints ah.

Anything if not cherish, only for blindly, how damage and guarantee it won’t fall? Even and the most beloved people between that most full-bodied emotions.

It is in this weekend, she thoroughly understood the, the person’s life is something that is not squander, willfully emotion! It is in this weekend, she’s learned, must treat lover.

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