On the road looking for my dream

1 Jul 2011

On the road looking for my dream
On the road I always keep turn about falling, afraid of what things? I didn’t take it away.

But I was behind a lot of things, not to complete, the heart is always feel guilty of, always to themselves, saying, know at the beginning, and why early so. God is not fair, get me a lot, but let me lose more than get, why my hand is so pale, even my own things not grasp, I whether this is said to weak? It is weak, and I still have been trying to.
Guo jingming has always been my yearning writer, jay has been my yearning singer, I always listen to the songs of jay, see guo jingming’s novel, that would make me know that alive, it is so quiet. A reader said to me: you write the articles and guo jingming novel as sad.
And someone said to me: your style is like jay Chou.
In fact, a person the feeling is the judge not to come out, so sometimes, perhaps to one day changed, I’ve always wanted to be like guo jingming such writers, and if someone ask me want to replace guo jingming? I can only say that don’t want to. Because when the writer is to want to live out my own wonderful, and not the guo jingming wonderful.
People have always said: in my article is in “no disease.” groan methotrexate
I want to say I’ve been writing is my dream, and not my feeling.
Don’t understand me, never understand me, I’m sad when you can’t see, because I was the only one who you just can’t see, etc to experience the experience from already, you will understand why others to write so sad thing, originally I and others have not, not the same as the only my heart, I will never forget the past, also can not put down in the past, but I don’t think the past.
As long as there is time, I will write a lot of words, it seems every day in writing, I love words, and words also love I, it read my mind, I’m writing my story, we talk to each other in each other, can let myself a little better, we are lonely child, eager to be loved, but our desire is not there, blame, we live in this world, in this moment should be to face everything.
Since then, the Dragon Boat Festival, the college entrance examination. Looking at the candidates are went into the examination room, my heart and again despair, exactly what I wanted to go to college? This think this exam into what kind, feel doesn’t matter, I just want to do on a college degree, I want to go to the university, but I see the reluctance of parents, and my in the mind of the confusing, I would have not according to from already the intent to live in, but according to the rules in reality, my elder sister alive to me said she wants to go to, and I want to go to the fudan university, do you believe? Even I don’t believe I said from the same thing as fart, I actually think of is music school and college, the two schools is now, I want to support of everything! If lost, my roads will be confusion, and I have been all but the way of the disorder, but this time I don’t want to wrong.
I think I had already lost a sky, as long as I’d like to do, never recognized by others, looking at other people to stand on this stage lambe, from already is standing up, how to show his own dream, many times of shots from already the article, but have not received a notice, received the just, I’m sorry, your shots make no through the verification, thank you for your vote make. I still don’t have the strength to stand on others can on the stage, and sat in the office to write an article, play make son. But sooner or later one day my dream will come true, because I have been trying, I have never been complaining, I was in the roar: this is my dream!!!!!
I am a lonely child, when writing the article, I’m going to be a happy kid, because my lonely at this moment to the text, let it to read me why lonely? I think even if no one value my writing, I will write it all, wrote that I slowly old. Die. I is such a love words, no way. I see my sister holding a book in his hand, which is called the we can more brave “. I asked: who wrote this book.
My sister said: this is my sit at the same table write, her name is enron.
“Oh” I sentimental back to her.
In fact I long ago to have come up with an own book. Just now I don’t have that strength, can let people all over the world come to see my article, even if one day no one watching my article, I will write it all, if not the words of the company, and I would not be living.
I want to be a writer to music school, want to let my heart throbbing.
DuLaSi said: writing is a dark without the suicide of heaven and earth.
Why do I committed suicide so DuoCi, still alive. Days running in every day, and I don’t think I have a day after day, but in the past is over the day.
To travel a lot, and I like to travel, but I didn’t go very far of the place, I always back and forth in the place where the swirling, no new, I this person is used to read a book, Capricorn novel, as long as think miss, I will see it one more time, and in the end the countless times.
A reader asked me: you wrote so many articles about your own story, there is the story you write?
I saw him on the Internet to my message, I didn’t reply to him, I only remember I is the quiet this sentence read, see the head after I vent for a few seconds, actually I don’t want to, I always write his own story, flow from already the tears, even if not for me, and I don’t care, flow because I’ve been in a from already want life, and to ignore the side too many people, I had across my world, to try to walk into other people’s world, just discover how all can’t go out of sight, the dark, without direction, also have no purpose. Don’t know what went, also do not know to should stop where feet.
My story is

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