Silent love

1 Jul 2011

Silent love
Tears always work flow, just because love too deep,
Always tell yourself not to cry again, tomorrow will be better.
A certain corner of the world there must be a more worthy of the one you love is waiting for you
Total want to tell his heart, but often face he is unable to speak
They said I’m stupid, why should a man secretly tears
Don’t go to save a may not feelings, don’t let yourself. Couldn’t
But love is love, have no a way to love withdrawn
I miss you so much, I know my capricious hurt you
I told you I occasionally inclusive of willful, have no so big you said your heart may not care so DuoRen
I said I want to when your baby, you said that you are very tired
I said I’ll change, won’t wayward, you say no
I say we start it over, you said you have abandoned me
The pain of heart can’t words, can’t breathe
Mind is all you
Always say to yourself last again sad for you, when the sun rising again to heart go to pain
I don’t know what to do, I really want to save you
I never know that you will love so low
Never leave love seriously, now that I love.
But in my learning to love and you would give me up, you so give up deep hurt me
I really want to hate you, but I can’t hate, to learn can’t go to hate you

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