Contentment is the happiness

28 Jul 2011

Contentment is the happiness
“Old people often said to be content with what, this is not without reason, unhappy people not got little, but have too much,” this is the song “humble abode” lyrics, I listen to the continuous a lot of times, make me very touching. With the continuous development of society, the quality of our lives, we improve the to himself and to the requirements of the family also increases, which let us have little sense and satisfaction, we win the material satisfied, but we always love to complain about, because some things not happy, some invisible pressure hindered the happy mood, we should adjust the mentality, to be in life, things simply want to, to learn the content, and you will be happy.
Socrates said: “what is rich, because the content itself is wealth.” Contentment is the happiness. First of all, we have a good health and contentment, compared to the blind, our life full of color; Compared with the deaf and dumb people, we can listen to and communication; ZhiCanZhe than to be able to walk, we steady; Compared with patients, we from illnesses. This is our capital, we are so happy! But facing the competition and the emergence of the social pressure, and we take care of the body and not very considerate, sometimes ignore his feelings. Usually, we try to develop good habits: lay down to sleep at night before or woke up in the morning and wake up in bed before with five minutes to relax the whole body: first take up the toe, gradually relaxing after. The next feet, legs, thighs, and buttocks, until the upper body and the facial muscles. This can not only improve sleep quality, can also relieve pressure. Early to bed and early to rise; Morning to eat breakfast. In the office to keep the correct posture, the eyes every once in a while to relieve my eyes looked out of the window, fatigue; Noon meal during the break don’t immediately, can sit down and his colleagues for a walk in the sun. Experts confirmed: for a walk to calm heart, relieve pressure, relax the mood, so on 5 to 10 minutes, the afternoon will be full of the spirit into work, also can do some appropriate less dramatic movement.
Had the health body as guarantee, we can make a commitment to work. We have a steady job and feel satisfied, in order to have clear goals and full of power. Job we can creating wealth for the society, to achieve their life values. We don’t make money as a work only for the purpose of making money, we realize is the material guarantee means rather than objective, don’t let money rules, it will live very tired. Money isn’t everything. Money can buy expensive medicine, but not health; buy Money can buy the most comfortable bed, but can’t buy steadfast up sleep; Money can even buy beauty, but can’t buy pledge of eternal love, undying devotion feelings……
Face up to life with only to enjoy life!!!!! Some may say: “content is to satisfy the current situation, it wouldn’t have made progress, also won’t have a better future.” In fact can’t understand, content does not represent, not for progress, but without to finish a task has a kind of satisfaction and achievement. This will let us in the later work more motivated and later still long-term goal, still continue to struggle. The mentality of the content to live and work is extremely important. Content will be happy, and optimism that help to health of body and mind development and make work effort, as long as a day you plan to do is all do very beautiful, you are successful, you will feel satisfied. But work hard to avoid can meet wrong things, such as the telephone that individual customers with the attitude of the cold, we want to take a deep breath, try not to panic, smile and response, this will reflect our professional quality and connotation. Facing the diverse mission don’t complain trouble things down on his own head, but to think this is a rare ability to exercise and growth opportunities, can’t help business level thankful, life and therefore more rich full. So sometimes you have to try to change mind, I can’t control the weather, but I can change my feeling; I can’t control other people, but I can grasp myself; I can’t be everything goes well, but I can try my best to do everything!!!!!
Since then, I have come to shenyang kay will put the company a month and a half, in the family I learned a lot, excellent enterprise culture, comfortable and challenging work environment, colleague sincere friendship… Let me the deepest memory is the enterprise tenet: science to things, treat people with good faith. This from daily colleagues treat the job responsibility, serious attitude and treat customers enthusiasm are good reflection. I so content can enter into this company, I am also very satisfied to meet here, each colleague you taught me a lot, whether in business or people doing things on the mood of going to work every day, I’m happy, I’m so content because every day to see you smile, I’ll work hard, I invite you and I together, with a grateful contented heart, work hard, common to a good dawn!




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