Happiness does not happiness only oneself know

28 Jul 2011

Happiness does not happiness only oneself know
Judge not of housework ruling. Yesterday for a long time in the middle of the ring of soldiers not suddenly rang, pick up the phone hear is scold sound of anger. Also don’t know start, I even became a family dispute listener, became a female people talk heart isn object. Every time they listened to break into tears of tell to say, the in the mind will produce a mercy and a little sad.
I don’t know the words with what kind of to comfort them to touch their injured heart, also do not know to should come up with for them what kind of idea to deal with, also can be to give their understanding and sympathy.
In fact in many things right and wrong, is with the is relative. I dare not exaggeration who to who wrong, something happened there is always context. All said nobody’s perfect, bean has its black. Many things apart to what did not, and so return a responsibility. Between husband and wife is the same. Don’t dispute, don’t England. Allow clothes occasionally stained exist, put it in front of the nature.

Clothes accidentally dirty not afraid, collarband dirty, have brought clean. To stick grease, have detergent, there are also a lot of cleaning products. If really can’t wash, don’t waste consumption, decisive away. Strength
Maybe I was too simple to, but not simple you so that? Go to XunSiMiHuo, noisy, to make to? Useful? !!!!!The end result is that are hurt, are having a hard time. Every time they encourage in time, I will speak to them: “no matter how you must not make, husband and wife in the face of the child, do not affect a child”. Also when their children asked me, and I will say to the kid: “whether mother or father which wrong, they are so parents, you can’t go to follow dou, completes own things, don’t be they influence”.
Sometimes feel people actually very sad, especially women.
This few days watching the TV series “happiness how far”. Is ah, happiness is exactly how far? !!!!!Happiness for everybody is different, the requirements of happiness degree, the experience of things, understanding, and cognitive different. Do you think that happiness, not others will feel happy. Happiness is not only know happiness, shoes on the feet who is who know whether it is appropriate.

Every family has its own the existence of the problem, see how you look at; How to take an active attitude to solve. This is everyone living in the reality of people must face problems.




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