I love you, to have been happy

28 Jul 2011

I love you, to have been happy
That day you finally got the “I do not love you” tell the mouth, perhaps, such as how much mental every but philosophical. You said you to me only grateful, you say me is very good, but we just don’t fit, you are malicious thank I done for you, very thank my love for you.

But I will not love in my heart, it’s not say I meditate on export. I know, people are so complex, the world is so unfair, when we all like the one at the same time, there is always the winner, and elimination, but why that was eliminated the one who is, I, I often at night and thinking, why always of the one you love is not I, but her, so that was my thought so much of the problem, I know, maybe this is life, unfair life. Fate dominates all, so we can only resigned.

Then I heard a words, I understand. Everyone will have a person to love, to protect, it is just a matter of time, he said that time can slowly heal, time and opportunity, became a key to grasp, perhaps I just at the right time, met the wrong people. I understand, but I still love you, for three years of elbow, how may be momentary said forget you forget! I love you, but as I’ll be blessing you, I will meditate on, like the blue sky is always looking at the earth, but as they spacing is so far so far, never touch not each other, maybe this is my love to you.

I wrote a letter mail, I said if you happiness, then I will bless. I’m not a lifetime of love you, only now this moment I miss you, I will miss you in the deep eyes, that time, is also the first time I saw you the color of a pupil, sound trivial “thank you” enough to let me know that my, my love for you, has been satisfied, and had enough to let me in this lifetime does not forget to have a reason. I don’t want to the same as before crave can with you, because you won’t, I also have no expectations. Since no expectations, and no disappointment. I very understand, you to love and do not love points clearly. You love you will love the true, maybe you are too care about your love, so you will fear of losing. But you also understand “it’s your is you, isn’t you of is not your” so you don’t try so hard. Do you like romantic, but you were afraid of romantic, because you be afraid to be romantic hurt you afraid of the person you love has now do not love you. Maybe this is life. I love you but antipathetic, you love her is veiled, perhaps this is you protect your a way, you never insincerity, you always think you YiShiDuLi, people think his lonely, lonely, maybe this is your self protection a way, not with people was too close to, and perhaps also don’t want to hurt others. So you don’t easily accept the feelings of others, even if she who give no more, she love you how many, how much to pay for you, the other you feel much, you also have, at most, an apology, a word of thanks. Because you love to hate clear understanding too thorough explanation, love is love, and love is not love. Do no more is futile. This is you, a think YiShiDuLi you. Maybe this is my shadow. Also because of your that word, I didn’t know you: “do no more, and no results.”

But even though you love, now I always still, maybe not, but the charm of heart that always for you save, I love you, is happy.

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