Past the love of this life

28 Jul 2011

Past the love of this life
Past lives, I began to walk again of loneliness, open room except miss, is still put past favorite antique furniture. Past lives, he said these old furniture like, because it has a rich history of ancient color and mysterious breath, and the colour, the taste and carrying too much feeling too much miss and memories…… ;Past lives like gently touching furniture carefully vulture act the role ofing decorative pattern, and I always looked at the ancient and old wooden furniture, chilly a smile. Because I think the older antique and now the new modern social contrast, was very, very antipathetic. All this as wearing the costume listen to modern rock music, serious disorders and even distorted proportion rhythm.
And it is in this gradually disorders and twisted world doomed past lives and this life to meet.
And the previous met by the rain soaked in a night. Drizzle filar silk very poised, wet cheeks, embellish the hair tip, but always fall not into the heart. I am a rain never opening an umbrella, because I think was the rain wet is a very poetic. So I like a person walked in rainy night go through the crowd, colorful, through the red light according to green wine prosperous neighborhood, but sometimes I stopped to a certain, toward the crowd smile and billboards, until I smile laugh by others’ ridicule, I just left in a hurry. I leave no purpose, just like the rain follow one’s inclinations. ;
Past lives will be an umbrella in my head, the rain had it down. I looked but saw the red, the red YouZhiSan on this chilly night was extraordinarily dazzling. Past say with smile, and the day was wet from the rain, don’t. I see past lives that is a fuzzy face, mysterious eyes let me feel the warmth of abnormal.
My past life, the sky has to say no rain fell trace, so I won’t get wet.
But still clinging to me the past with an umbrella, he said many years ago, which is in the night like this, there is a past lives, also called for his props up the red blood of the YouZhiSan……
So I know his easily name: past. A quirky, but let me fantasy name. Many, many times I have in the imagination, if have really cycle, there really is some sort of reincarnation, so I past death scene, must be in a bleak autumn, and then, as I lay on the ground looking at the falling leaves, the smiling closed her eyes. The imagination is not the imagination, more is this life to the state of mind of the fallen leaves, I fall for that gives me a lot of belonging.
Just the world, no tree, no leaves, with no attribution to……
When I would imagine these past lives, but saw when told he raised his mouth, but the previous face still as fuzzy. So I said a lot of past lives on my story, I speak in the past, speak now, speak to the future, speak, speak the lump of heartache. But all this past lives on, it seems that not much interest. So I embarrassed to shut up.
Past lives with a sigh that actually all about you I know that……
I’m surprised, but eventually to subside. For I am with past lives unconsciously has set foot on an old bridge, the past is very excited, with a smile, he said to me, you see the pond that one in full bloom of water lotus. I follow his refers to the direction, but only see full pond born, and no water lotus lotus leaf in full bloom of appearance. Past doubts, and then I saw the red YouZhiSan will pack up and said, I know you can’t see that one water lotus, as it open in the past… .
The rain falls, and fall in this open water lotus world. Don’t
Small wind, the drizzle. Off and on is full of chill…
Strangely, the drizzle soaked with past lives, and that I put the red YouZhiSan past has not been hold up.
I will be back home, he surprised past lives at the old furniture, then sprint past gently touch those elaborate carve patterns, a full face of excited.
He said, so you always remember…
I doubt his problem. In fact, I don’t know why in this age of fast development of modern society, the material with each passing day I should have to ancient and historical vicissitudes of life things so enthusiastic. I think the answer, perhaps is because in the drink meng old woman the soup when I left one mouthful, but secretly left is the original of old things I love. So in this life, I just did not forget them, just as the past lives, as you said was always remember.
The rain is still under the window of the silent night, don’t know why this season it was raining very tricky. Off and on, but full of winter chill. Past said he like the rain, because there are his pursuit. So I and past stood on the balcony, to listen. TingYu, or some kind of sound…
Past looked at those in the rain soaked in the modern construction, will the red YouZhiSan and hold up. Although stood on the balcony of the rain we no matter what can’t shower.
Past that, as the rain fall in today should not be the world. To stand in the umbrella, because you’ll get wet. I look at the umbrella, just the red of more gaudy.
When the sun had set, from previous shine. The weary night light also closed her eyes. But the sun building with the stone forest, haste pedestrians and complex the horn, let the world is full of blundering with pressure. Past said, I decided to leave, because this has not my after…
I bowed my head and silent.
Past never touched my head and said to me, I can take you to go and you’ve always wanted to go to place
I move but finally shook his head. I said, I dream of past lives and pursuit exists in this life, I was destined to the real world, looking for my rain, my night, my wind, water lotus flower, I and my YouZhiSan. Past lives, but I believe he silent understand.
The previous determined to will the umbrella to me, but I firmly refused. For the past YouZhiSan no matter how to also can not hold up against this present life of wind and rain. So turn, supporting the past the YouZhiSan, gradually disappear in my field of vision.
Just finally, the previous generation, I still face still fuzzy did not see his true touch kind. But the red YouZhiSan, but in my heart of colourful bright… like




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