There is a sad that unfounded worry

28 Jul 2011

There is a sad that unfounded worry
Last night, a college friend hair QQ pour me out his suffering, originally he thought a girl like him, and immediately to the profession, the results of the girl for not only is to refuse, a loss of friends do common opportunities. I helpless to comfort him: “the next time don’t romantic.” Didn’t think he was counter-question a way: “don’t you have had a romantic.” Hear his JieZe, I was silent, holding the phone hand also not a shock. Yes, although I only 20 years old, but all these years of learning ya life might it not spent in romantic!
That a year from now on, the second has five or six years, but young man of that kind of moving in the flower heart also quietly bloomed. Because on New Year, we are a language teacher teach, although different class, but because the result in each other in class is one of the best, not be a teacher in each other than class. So we knew each other class has such a man. Perhaps the world really decree by destiny so one thing, second soon, we will see the points in a class, then after a tone, we actually sat in a before and after. First we talk about learning, and then talk about super girls, NBA, etc. Due to the long time, I found myself grown to like the sight, although the girl in the beginning, I heard that she and our class a very naughty boy to talk in love, but that kind of love her heart but it occupies a body. Until one day……
“What kind of girl do you like?”
“I like to like you this type of girl, achievement is good, and so good, that’s you like what type of boy?”
“I also like to like you this type of boy……”
Perhaps this is also I to her expression of it, but I was a romantic to that is her with my expression.
To her, I chose on night, choose the midnight their experience riding a bike half an hour long road back home, but at least it seems to me, and her together on night of that 3 hours is the most happy. But the summer night of evening but from under the storm……
“You on night tonight?” She see I stood in the hallway and stunned, go up.
“I am also very hesitant, it looks like rain heavily.”
“That you don’t get on night?”
“As long as you, I will.”
On night in the process
“The rain so big, you hurriedly go home, or stay will rain more bad roads, go.”
“All right, maybe after night not?”
“That I go, you’ll walk?”
After a moment of silent, I firmly answer “go”
Perhaps this is I to her persistent!!!! But I have to think it was her affection for my care.
Soon the happy time of second over, the third day we class unfortunately was disbanded, members are assigned to the other classes, I this hope I and she can once again to a class, maybe is fate already do, we separated. However, the love of her heart every day before night prompted me to find her, we stand together in the hallway, through the Windows of the scenery, looking at the school said the two sides all listen to not to understand. Until one day……
“You know what? I sit at the same table like you.” Yesterday I sit at the same table find I said to me his mind, so I carry him to help vindicate himself, though he is not the taste.
“In fact, I have a favorite, I always forget him, though he is flower heart, I still like him.”
Hear this, I can’t even imagine his face grew, but I still strong smile to say: “in fact I also like you.”
“I always think of you as my best friend, can say the truth of that kind of!”
“That you like that boy to call what name?”
“His name and China’s founding of x to a the same.”
“Oh, me and he is the junior students.”
After the university entrance exam, my mother from her mother there she learned she failed, not ready to review. Through that sit at the same table, I will before to her cell phone number, send each other for several text messages to her, she said at the end of a sentence: “don’t forget me.” Original I also want to say to her, but then I give her hair of message she a didn’t return.
The winter vacation home, my mother and I go shopping, go to her mother before the booth, mother seems suddenly thought of what, turned said to me: “you know? Lee * * get married.” I was surprised to hear this, quickly ask: “what time?” “Is about October! Her dad don’t agree with, but she insisted on……” From October I received her “don’t forget me” messages from more than a month, she didn’t return my message is less than a month.
Later he not later, what all understand, including my affection.
Every time I think about this period of the past, I will think of the MoShiMoWang “, will relieve only than the novel I the work master more sad just. Lime mintimer shaimiyev said: “happy is fleeting, sad unforgettable.” And that kind of affection in the flower I like sad infinite down, until now, and without regret became the affection of years of a landscape.
Had survived an titled “in fact we are not prince” at the end of the novel, wrote such a words: “in our childhood, youth, middleaged all think oneself is the prince, until they understand shorty so much, and the prince is only one, you had to think in fact we are not a prince.” Of course we don’t need to go to humbled themselves, but there are a lot of overconfidence often faces when a tragedy.
There is a sad that romantic, a group of people that the hero of the tragedy.




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