I will wait for you, before I let go

21 Nov 2011

I will wait for you, before I let go
If you can understand, before I let go, it is not too late ——-

If you love someone, you can know exactly what you want to get along with him in what way? Ideal result look like? I do not want to hear those overripe answer, such as only care to have, does not last forever … … only on process, not for the results … … just another example to forever ~ sweet sweet honey … I just want to say to you that you are The superficial ~ * You know what? If you really are attracted to love, you will know how to white with valuable, putting that point, the feelings between you on that too much water mixed … (this is only a small women’s side of the story, not angry oh)

If you really love, they will tolerate each other’s shortcomings or bad habits, after the initial sweetness is intolerable dull ~ * you worry, there is no comfort to his pleasant, you want him, may be encountered thick made violent language. Over time, you feel that you love him farther and farther away from you, gradually, you do not even speak to him of the desire. Your feelings are at risk of bottlenecks, Chuang Chuang was not the last, to see the feelings of repair to your respective ~ ~ *

Think of a beautiful feeling when you first met, then think of those hysterical shouting to break up fights, extremely sad after another sleepless night, under the cruel think that you get rid of him, when he reappeared a few did not like Sipilailian , only to leave him feeling the heartache ~ * now he is no longer so keen on the leather cop show their minds, no longer anxious when you ignore him, all in all, he is no longer really represents love you no longer care about you? Think big, but people on the head collapse of reality … … *

If you love me, you should understand what I want? You should know about me in the mood, to give me as much as possible like a sunflower smile, if you still do not understand, I will wait for you, if you can understand me, before I let go, not on all will be too late, I will be thankful that my persistence finally paid off ~ ~ But, please do not let me so late too late, such as kerosene to boil until the heart to do, wait until the snow did not dawn through the night, until I have forgotten so your mind, that day, I would not be a joy or sorrow, my choice is to face your eyes, calm water to walk beside you, he felt a —- day or so blue, the sun or so brilliant, everything will return to our strangers first, then decided to move forward, will not go back, because then you will not affect any of my emotional buttons … … `a

In this, sent to the heart of the feelings of being caught in the vortex of children who say the word, to know how mutual tolerance, mutual love, not every day is as sweet as honey, want to last forever, we must try to overcome those who can not love tolerance of abuse, little improvement, you will not get much you pay only so much, is not it? This win-win thing why not? Do not he care about you, wanton slander him, and then really the heart, then the situation may degenerate deep sour ~ ~ *

Each person is an individual, the world is not completely suitable lover, only joint efforts of both sides to maintain the feeling, the perfect pair of perfect square can be seen, not to break up the light of reason to say grand, fate has done you, personality clashes friends ~ ~ ~ ~ This is an excuse TNND too serious, hehe ~ ~ *

Love is beautiful, love is to cherish, love the way you are, please accept my most sincere wishes, do not believe in fate, not blind faith in terms of Gordon, I believe you are in love, you are the most registered for a pair, because the love each other still, as long as you like, love will always stay with you long, long time long, long time … …

Please dear you, do not let me wait too long, because I still love you the way, if you can understand me, before I let go, it is not too late … …




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