Jade fashion luxury of feasible

21 Nov 2011

Jade fashion luxury of feasible
Jade we mentioned before, the total concept of it as a heritage, too much emphasis on its sense of history, and ignore it now, and the relationship with the fashion community. This idea is not to a change? When Jade Unicom life, it can even become fashionable oriental luxury.
Last year, a period of Qing Dynasty jade ear bud cans in Hong Kong, Christie’s auction house sold 10.18 million Hong Kong dollars, this jade ear bud cans wide and 15 cm, white matter, grabbing the mouth, a round belly and lower bearing flower-shaped foot. Feet at the shoulder and nearly cut mosaic pattern, symmetrical on both sides is decorated with an ear bud bud, at the end of carved flowers in full bloom for the foot. There had been a Qing Emperor Qianlong poem Bayesian Yuxi, in Sotheby’s Hong Kong spring art auction to 9.2464 million Hong Kong dollars turnover. They have a common mystical name - Hindustan jade.

Hindustan jade hilt clear

Hindustan Qianlong jade cup ears

Hindustan Qianlong jade whisk
Reproduction of lost Hindustan jade
According to historical records, Hindustan one first seen in “Yuan History.” Hindustan location, ROC variety of claims, according to experts, Zhou Nanquan Jade Palace researcher research, producing more for Pakistan, Iran, a few from Turkey. Is characterized by high polish, changing, colors are natural, mostly in the number of jade, and in texture, no doubt on the value when the number of white jade. When and Tian has been generally denominated in grams of years, “the world jade home” its way to the south of the Himalayas to explore the lost years of regional Hindustan jade.
Although the name of Hindustan jade slightly strange for most people, in fact, this kind of jade into China has hundreds of years. According to records, Qianlong period, Ouchi and private collections, there are numerous on the Hindustan jade. Recognized at home and abroad according to Hindustan jade first authoritative experts, Taiwan National Palace Museum Research Deng Shuping research, the jade is actually produced in North India and the ancient Turkish Islamic jade. Qianlong jade by these Dali’s tribute to Muslim Xinjiang to Beijing, won the emperor loved, Hindustan jade given name is Qian Long Qin, when he put down the Tianshan Mountains, married Xiang Fei, very fond of these work fine rich exotic jade, Hindustan jade so worth soar.
It is worth mentioning that the Hindustan jade originally existed as a practical device, such as bowls, cups, plates, teapots and so on.
Unicom ancient jade could have life
Association executive vice president of ornamental stones in Shanghai Yu Ying view, when the jade into the modern home life, in fact, it also brings a new concept. Jade embodies the culture, a symbol of wisdom, pregnant with wealth, full of psychic. It can be said: Home jade, wealth and good fortune. Traditional culture and modern life jade integration, not only of modern fashion, but also rich in jade and cultural heritage.
Museology, Fudan University professor Zhu Shunlong explain the concept of luxury goods from the West, is defined as a people’s survival and development needs of the range, with unique, rare, exotic features such as consumer goods. Is a high-end luxury consumer spending behavior, the word luxury is not derogatory. “China has become the world’s second largest consumer of luxury goods, but in people’s minds, it seems that only Western Cartier jewelry, Rolex watches, LV bags, Montblanc pens and other luxury goods qualify as , China’s domestic luxury brand has always been lacking. “
In Zhushun Long view, the Chinese culture has a long history of jade, jade has been unable to form brand management, good or bad only in texture, light and heavy weight of fixing prices, sales still remain at a low level of diversity. “Cartier, Tiffany, etc. Why is the world’s top selling brand of diamond so expensive? This is not because they are selling diamonds or platinum how rare, but because the brand’s high value-added, such as their origins with the royal family has puzzled , has a distinguished representative of full brand of charm. I think the Chinese jade may wish to take the luxury brand line. “He believes that Jade has sufficient capacity in the high-end porcelain grab a slice of the market, such as the use made of jade fruit plate, salad plate can replace high-end porcelain.




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