Miss the taste of a person

21 Nov 2011

Miss one’s taste, how can not say clearly, that the heart is like covered with shortness room, even a slight breeze blowing, it can cause trembling sound of rushing, mind echoed with all your name , all your voice, all of your laughter, all you everything;

Miss miss a taste of a person’s taste, the phone is always in his hand, but still slumped down, over and over again moved a few cooked in mind that the Arabic numerals; Do you know, miss a The taste is when the phone rings, always excited distraught loss, when saw the caller ID number is the familiar, the more excited, covered with blood swarmed the mind at the moment it seems, at least face flush.

Miss one’s taste, always sat in the front of the computer, facing the screen in a daze, the reality on the screen and around the world have disappeared, the mind actually thought repeated over and over again, at this moment you are in the Where? Doing? Is not also come to understand the thoughts? Is not the same minds and will be uneasy?

Miss one’s taste, put all his modesty, hear the wind dance, let her drifting you, take away all my thoughts to you, see the birds flying in the sky, how I wish I could plug in the wings to fly your side, and this is my happiness. Miss you feel is missing with the taste of the kind of music has been deep into the soul deep;

Miss one’s taste, set aside for anything gratitude, single-minded just like you. Miss a taste, a gazing, a smile, a gentle whisper, I am going to pay all feel no regrets.

Miss one’s taste, is obviously very angry very angry, but in the moment to see you disappear without a trace, it seems that mood light can jump up, humming songs, it seems the world is their own know you in my heart, and I also share your heart sweet.

Your smile, struck a chord with me, my heart is also with you and should be and; clearly no language, it seems as though every now see a full air the smell of roses than not your body fresh and clean; only hope forever, just thinking of you Lianzhao you like having the whole world. Deep and shallow thoughts, only for you hair.

Dream, I lay in your shoulders, deep smell of your breath. Wake up, sunny window. But you are not around. Rainy season, falling more than a lingering silky rain line, every now and then I miss you. A bit of splashing in the wet steps, just like my silent tears. Tree-lined cool there under your companions, soul are singing, every cell in the dance.

Time may change everything, but can not change your thoughts!




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